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Discussion and Info Sessions for Immigrant Men

Unlocking Integration: Family life and Guidance to working life.

Session 1 Understanding Finnish Family Life

Tanja del Angel, Family and Couple Activity Planning Officer, Familia ry

Date and time: 16.5.2024 17–19. Location: Annankatu 16 B 28.

Session 2 Guides to proper channels in integrating into Finnish working life.

Sonja Hirvonen, Immigration and Employment Manager, HNMKY
Arsene Towa, Coordinator / Instructor in charge, HNMKY

Date and time: 22.5.2024 17–19. Location: Annankatu 16 B 28.

Learn about Finnish family dynamics! Discover effective language learning strategies! Connect with experts and fellow immigrants!

Register below by 10.5. (max. 12 participants).

Open to all immigrant men and anyone interested.

Interactive sessions with Q&A. Refreshments provided.

For more information, contact:

Heikki Parviainen
Vieraasta Veljeksi
0447511338 | heikki.parviainen(a)