Miessakit ry | English

In support of men.

For the benefit of all.

Miessakit Association is a non-governmental expert organization established to support the mental, psychological and social wellbeing of men. The organization complements the existing crisis services available for men and promotes nonviolent family life. Miessakit works as a national level link for men’s groups with equal objectives and maintains international contacts in its field.

Miessakit has a nationwide network of volunteers as local contacts for information regarding the organization and its activities. Miessakit also publishes literature in the fields of its operations and works actively to promote the male point of view in society.

The association is dedicated to developing processes of mutual responsibility and support between men. We support men by organizing various forms of peer activity as well as offering professional counseling in times of personal crisis. We train volunteers, men who wish to guide and support other men, and organize training for professionals and students in the fields of social welfare, healthcare, and education. We are involved in implementing male specific practices within organizations of various kinds and an active voice in public discussions on men’s issues. Male specificity is at the core of our operations and informs how we develop practices, train professionals, and use our influence on the societal level.

Any measures that aim to strengthen the wellbeing of men must be built upon engaging men to participate in activities with their peers. Participation and peer support are necessary components in designing the contents and goals of activities involving men. This ensures that the needs of men remain front and center. Keeping the specific needs of men at the center of the services and peer activities offered to them reinforces and maintains men’s sense of self-worth. This, in turn, lowers the threshold to seek and accept help.

Miessakit employs only men. Our counselors are trained professionals and experienced in male-specific practices. Moreover, all our volunteers and administrative employees are informed about male specificity and understand its importance in supporting men.

Training and development are at the core of our operations, and they are built on knowledge gained on male specific practices and research on how to support men. We provide training especially for professionals of social welfare, healthcare, and education and offer support and professional guidance for organizations that aim to develop male specific practices in their operations.

Miessakit supports the wellbeing of men on the individual, communal and societal levels. Advocacy that is dedicated to upholding the male point of view results in men becoming more engaged in their own wellbeing; it highlights the views and needs of men; and it supports men in various issues related to health and social and societal issues.

We are dedicated to building the common good together. Miessakit was founded on the idea that the relationship between men and women is one of complementary and mutually supportive companionship and forms the basis for the wellbeing of all humans. Our guiding principle is the idea that people are fundamentally oriented toward the good of both themselves and others. This is the foundation of our mission.

Miessakit ry is not affiliated with any political or religious institution.

Sectors of operation

Our operations are divided into three sectors: support and peer activities, training and development, and social advocacy.

Support and peer activities: Miessakit ry offers support and peer activities that aim to promote the wellbeing of men, prevent problems and their negative effects, and provide crisis support professionally and on a volunteer basis.

Training and development: Our training and development sector focuses on research on men and male specificity and aims to communicate the knowledge gained from this research by organizing training, seminars, and lectures.

Social advocacy: Miessakit ry is involved in social advocacy and aims to communicate its views on social issues to government officials, the media, and citizens. Advocating for social change from the point of view of men increases men’s awareness of their own masculinityand their interest in personal and communal growth. It supports men in various social, societal, and health-related issues and highlights the societal views and needs of men. Finally, it promotes the mutually respectful companionship between men and women. 

Social advocacy

Miessakit ry is an open community of men whose mission is to enable the co-operation of men from different backgrounds and with varying opinions and worldviews. Each member participates in the association’s activities as an individual and as a representative of his own role.

Miessakit ry participates in public discussions on various platforms, which may include publications as well as events organized by other associations whose focus is on issues related to our mission. Generating discussion by expressing opinions and issuing statements is an integral part of our social advocacy efforts.