MASI – Support for fathers affected by depression

MASI supports the functional ability and wellbeing of fathers whose family is affected by depression. Fathers can contact MASI if they or their spouse are exhibiting symptoms of depression or similar mental health problems.

MASI offers support for fathers who feel that their ability to function has decreased and who feel like they are at the end of their rope with the demands of day-to-day life. The goal is for the client to gain an understanding of and analyze his situation and learn ways of maintaining a sense of agency as well as tackling the challenges of fatherhood.

A potential client may feel that he needs help with their own or their spouse’s depression. It can be difficult to recognize and talk about symptoms of depression, and a diagnosis of depression is not required. The client’s own experience of their mental health suffices, even if his symptoms have not affected his ability to function normally in his day-to-day life. If necessary, our counselors will help the client seek help with other services in his area.

Fathers of all kinds can seek help with MASI. Biological fathers, foster and adoptive fathers and fathers of stepfamilies are welcome.

The service is free and available in Finnish and English.

Helpline and email support

Our helpline and email support for men is available nationwide and offers information on depression and its symptoms as well as self-care methods. Call the helpline at 044 751 1346. The service is available 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Individual counseling

Individual counseling allows men to process questions about their own or their family’s wellbeing. Counseling is available in person in Tampere, Lahti, and Helsinki. To book an appointment, contact us by phone or email or use the contact form. Counseling is also available remotely via Teams.

Guided peer support groups

Clients can also take part in guided peer support groups. The groups are run by our professionally trained counselors and provide a space for men to process and gain a deeper understanding of their experiences with depression. Peer groups are organized in Tampere, Lahti, and Helsinki. Remote groups are organized periodically. Contact a MASI counselor to learn more about applying to a peer group.

The guided peer groups help fathers gain a deeper understanding of their own experiences and how depression affects their role as fathers. By listening to the experiences of other fathers and verbalizing their own feelings, they gain new perspective on how they view themselves as fathers.

Guided peer support groups provide a space for fathers to discuss their wellbeing, the generational effects on their role as fathers, issues related to mental health, relationships and families, as well as resources that can help live a balanced life.

The group offers a unique chance for fathers to discuss parenting in a confidential setting and in a way that is not usually possible in their intimate relationships. Attending the group brings new perspectives, fresh ways of analyzing their experiences, and hope for the future.

Group work enables men to process their experiences and gain a deeper understanding of how depression affects their role as fathers.

Contact information

MASI | 044 751 1346

TAMPERE Henri Hyttinen | 044 765 8007

LAHTI ja HELSINKI Ilmo Saneri | 050 511 3361