Konkkaronkka | Support for indebted male entrepreneurs

Konkkaronkka is a project that offers peer and personal support for male entrepreneurs facing financial difficulties. Peer support groups allow men whose business is under threat of bankruptcy or who are overindebted to process their experiences with other men who are facing similar problems. Peer support helps men to accept and gain a deeper understanding of their difficulties and move forward. Group work and individual support promotes the participants’ wellbeing and functional capacity and enables them to find the tools to process their situation.

Guided peer support groups

Peer groups provide a confidential setting for men to share their experiences and to encounter others in a spirit of mutual support. The effectiveness of peer groups is built on this foundation. Listening to the experiences of others provides men with new perspectives on their own problems.

The group work process consists of ten themed sessions. Participants will explore the path that led them to become entrepreneurs and retrace the steps that led them to their current situation. They will also learn to recognize resources that will help them find a way forward. Participants are expected to commit to the group for the whole duration of the process.

The peer groups will meet at the offices of Miessakit ry in Helsinki and Tampere once a week. The groups are run by project workers. The number of participants is limited to ten men.

The ten themed sessions are:

  1. Welcome! | “What brought me here today?”
  2. Where I am right now | “How would I describe my and my business’s current situation?”
  3. My path as an entrepreneur | “What lead me to become an entrepreneur?”
  4. My identity as an entrepreneur | “What role does entrepreneurship play in my life?”
  5. My relationships | “How has being an entrepreneur affected my relationships?”
  6. Facing challenges | “How have I processed economic hardships?”
  7. Self-care | “How can I support my wellbeing in my day-to-day life?”
  8. What helps me move forward | “What are my strengths?”
  9. My next steps | “What are my goals for the future and how can I reach them?”
  10. Closing party | The group process ends with an informal gathering that includes activities and dinner.

Individual counseling

Men who attend a support group can also receive individual counseling before, during and after the group process. The focus of counseling is on the participant’s personal situation and need for support. Individual counseling does not consist of financial advice but rather is meant to support the participant’s capacity to function during a challenging time in his life. Participants can attend a maximum of five sessions. Sessions are available in person or remotely.

Possible topics for discussion include:

  • balancing business and family life
  • stress, fatigue, burnout
  • recognizing personal strengths
  • worrying about the future

Contact information

Tommi Huhtaniemi
project coordinator
044 751 1349
Lauri Puisto
project worker
044 751 2387