Mission and values


In support of men. For the benefit of all.

Miessakit is dedicated to strengthening the individual, communal and societal structures that support men. Our goal is to improve the wellbeing of men in all respects.

Our aim is to help build a society in which the companionship between men and women based on mutual respect forms the foundation of the wellbeing of all.


Our values guide all our operations and their development and are expressions of the mental and material core of our identity. They communicate what we do and who we are to our employees, men participating in our activities, our collaborators and anyone interested in our work. The values that guide our operations are male specificity, “peerness”, professionalism and the promotion of wellbeing.

Male-specificity refers to understanding and taking into consideration the significance and effects of biological, psychological, sociocultural, and historical factors related to masculinity. Moreover, it means that men are always at the center of our services, allowed to be truly heard and seen.

Peerness is the fuel our association runs on – the experiences and experiential knowledge and the wisdom that results from them form the bedrock of our operations and how we develop them. When men participate in activities with other men, learn from and support each other, and experiential knowledge is accumulated, peerness flourishes.

The expertise of our employees and the utilization of the know-how and experiences of our volunteers are the marks of professionalism. We are always developing our expertise through experiential learning and continuing vocational training and dedicated to upholding professionalism.

Promoting wellbeing is the goal of all our operations.