Erosta Elossa

Erosta Elossa offers support for men struggling with the effects of divorce and helps them process and cope with the issues they face. The service is available nationwide in the form of individual counseling and peer support groups, and it aims to guide men through the various issues that emerge before, during and after the divorce process. A key objective is to secure the continuation of the relationship between father and child after the divorce.


Erosta Elossa offers individual counseling for men. Counseling allows men to discuss their experiences with a counselor and receive professional guidance on divorce-related issues. The service is available in person and remotely via Teams, email, or phone. Contact and schedule an appointment by phone or email or fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page.

Divorce support groups

Erosta Elossa organizes men’s divorce support groups across the country. The peer groups are run by trained support group leaders and allow men to share their experiences and analyze their own divorce process. In the group, men can process their feelings about their divorce and work on issues related child custody arrangements and visiting rights. 

The group setting enables men to share their experiences and feelings about their divorce freely. Listening to the experiences of other men, whether they are relatable or not, helps men analyze their own process and realize that they are not alone with their feelings and problems. Divorce is often followed by a personal crisis whose intensity is comparable to the experience of the death of a loved one. The mutual support and sympathy between members of the group helps men to move on, let go of the past, work through their grief, and ultimately find a way through the crisis.

Online Divorce Support Group for Men in English | Fall 2024 | Miessakit Ry


Each member sets his own goals for the group work process. Goals can include, for example:

• facing and accepting the facts
• becoming aware of my emotions
• self-care
• taking care of my children
• standing up for my rights
• analyzing the reasons behind my divorce
• finding tools to support my wellbeing
• letting go of my ex-partner and reorienting my life
• creating a sufficient support network

The group is open for men who are in the middle of a divorce process or who have been divorced for a while, but who feel that they are still struggling with the aftermath of their divorce.


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