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Lyömätön Linja provides specialist services for men with intimate partner and family violence issues.

Our clients can be any men that have used psychological or physical violence towards the person they are in a relationship with, spouse, own child or other person close to them, as well as those men who fear using violence or want to assess their own and their family’s need for help.

The aim is that the client will better understand his own actions, the background issues affecting them as well as learning to realise the alternative forms of action to violent behaviour.

Types of work are individual meetings face to face or via video, that can be supplemented with pair meetings and group meetings.

As well as client work, we offer consultations and training.

Common forms of intimate partner and family violence that you can get help for

  • Uncontrollable outburst of rage
  • Fear of resorting to violence
  • Breaking of objects or other threatening actions directed at the surroundings
  • Verbal abuse or insulting a close person
  • Acts of physical abuse aimed at a close person: forcibly holding, shoving, grabbing, slapping, hitting, squeezing, blocking, etc.
  • Challenges related to raising of children: concern about own rage, heavy-handed treatment of a child or the impact of adults’ arguments on the child
  • The need to repeatedly control a close person’s life
  • Raised level of jealousy
  • Sexually harming another physically, verbally or otherwise

Feedback from clients

”Got new points of view and self-awareness was increased.”

”I learned to recognise and got tools for dealing with situations that in the past would have lead to violence.”

Contact details  

Helsinki Metropolitan Area
Appointments 044 751 1334 |
Annankatu 16 B 28
00120 Helsinki

Kuopio Area
Appointments 044 783 7923 |
Kuninkaankatu 20 A 8
70100 Kuopio